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Skull & HaHa Fanmeet: A wild and crazy Singapore vacation

Reggae is not a genre that most people enjoy, but one definitely has to give it to Skull & Haha for sticking to their craft.

Last weekend (July 20) saw the duo performing at Zouk for a very enthusiastic crowd. And boy, did they bring the roof down. Skull (real name Jo Sung Jin) and HaHa (real name Ha Dong Hoon) might be older than most K-pop idols, but their energy was comparable, or even higher than lots of K-pop groups I’ve seen so far.

The night kicked off with sick tunes from DJ IT (Lee Kwang Seuk) where he wow-ed everyone with his live scratches and electronic beats. Definitely worthy of his title of World DJ Competition winner.

Dress in matching muscle tees, the boys set the mood for the night right from the get-go and got everyone saying ‘la la la‘ with ‘REGGAErilla’. The full song apparently wasn’t enough as they got DJ IT to play the ending… two more times, sending the audience into a frenzy.



During the press conference which happened the day before, HaHa joked that Skull was looking for a girlfriend here in Singapore so the latter was delighted to see so many ‘chiobus‘ in the crowd. They also revealed that they also had local delights such as chilli and black pepper crab, satay and Tiger Beer.

The duo requested for the audience not to use their cameras or phones while they were performing and asked them to make their money worth by partying it up with them because there will be photo opportunities later. It was also fan-service galore as the guys made sure to interact with their fans – even those at the back and the second level managed to catch some of the memorabilia that were thrown. HaHa cheekily got DJ IT to play the theme song from the movie ‘Rocky’ as he prepared to throw a towel to the back baseball pitching style… after wiping off perspiration practically from his whole upper body.


With a repertoire of upbeat songs such as ‘To Fool From Fool’, ‘Busan Vacance’ and ‘Rosa’, there was never a boring moment throughout the showcase – even during the games segment. Fans took part in a contest to change the lyrics to ‘Busan Vacance’ and three of them with the most creative lyrics were able to go up on stage to battle it out. The winner was a fourteen year-old girl and when the emcee asked what her age was, HaHa replied, “me too” – definitely still a kid at heart! The rest of the audience were also all sporting enough to sing along. Kudos to the contestants and rest of the fans!


Before the duo performed their latest single, ‘Ragga Muffin’, they said it was their last song, much to the dismay of the fans. However, Skull playfully added on that if the fans shouted  for an encore loud enough, they might go back on stage, but added on, “but we don’t expect…”, giving everyone a good laugh.

Of course, even before they managed to step off the stage, the whole venue was already filled with cheers and screams of ‘encore’. The duo then re-emerged on stage (not that we were expecting it, Skull) and divided the audience into two and a battle of volume and cohesiveness using the songs ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ and ‘Shots’ ensued.


In addition to knowing some Singlish, Skull demonstrated some of his Mandarin skills by greeting everyone again with “da jia hao” and “wo ai ni men”. He also kept thanking everyone present for the support and you could see that the man sincerely appreciated his fans.

There were three more songs left for the night and the duo did not seem to be in any rush to end the fan meet. In fact, these fun-loving men kept on showering the audience with fan-service. HaHa asked for all the stage lights to be dimmed and the audience to provide light from their cellphones – “Tonight, you are all my light!” Aww, it was such a pretty sight. His daddy instincts also kicked in as he brought a little boy up on stage and tried to make small talk with him (to no avail), letting him walk away with a picture as well!


Like their last song of the night, ‘Sticky Rice Cake’, HaHa hoped that fans can stick with him like chapssalddeok, understanding each other without needing words. True to their promise of photo opportunities, in addition to a group shot with the audience, they went around posing for fans and even used some of their phones and cameras to take selcas.


To be honest, I have never really taken notice of Skull & HaHa’s music, but they sure blew me away this time – their energy, passion and sincerity were overwhelming and it was one of the best showcases I have been to. Fans were reluctant to let them go, and Skull and HaHa did not want to leave the stage either.The venue was small, but it fully allowed them to interact with the audience, and I believe that either side wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Dinoseoul would like to thank LEAP IMS for the media invitation. Do check out our press conference coverage here and the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page.

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