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Skull & HaHa: The Undying Dream

Making their first overseas appearance together, reggae duo Skull & HaHa were in town for a two-day visit from July 19 – 20 as part of a preview of their upcoming concert in Korea this month. They greeted the local media and fans at a press conference held at Square 2 prior to the fanmeet happening the next day.

If there’s one thing to take away from the brief half an hour meeting, it’s that these guys couldn’t get any more down-to-earth. They were opened to addressing questions from the media, all the while never forgetting to crack little jokes here and there, making it a lighthearted affair.  It was also evident how appreciative they were toward their Singapore fans by the many praises they sang throughout the press conference.


You’d think they might come off a little stiff seeing as it’s their first time greeting fans outside Korea, but Skull & HaHa warmed up to the crowd almost instantly. As soon as they were asked about how they felt being here in Singapore, Skull revealed in his fluent command in English, “I heard (that) there are so many beautiful girls in Singapore, and I can tell,” sending the already-overexcited fans into frenzy.

Reggae isn’t a genre that boasts a large following in Korea and Asia, so what incited them to pursue it? HaHa stated that he used to prefer hip-hop but after receiving much support for his reggae performance on a Korean programme with Skull, their interest in promoting the genre together escalated.

They might be sharing the same goal when they decided to promote as Skull & HaHa, but they used to, according to Skull, “live in different worlds”. While he has been dabbling with reggae as an underground artiste for years, HaHa was better known to the public as both an entertainer and singer. Nonetheless, Skull thought that this difference complemented their pros and cons which in turn helped in improving their performances.

Challenges are inevitable when pursuing a non-mainstream genre and Skull acknowledged that reggae is a lonely genre in Korea and that they’d experienced their fair share of hardships. However, he felt proud of themselves now as an increasing number of people have gained interest in not only reggae in general but also their music.


Prior to their arrival in Singapore, the duo released a new single album and title track ‘Ragga Muffin’, a remake of Stony Skunk’s song that goes by the same name. The decision to remake the song was fueled by HaHa’s fondness for it, plus the good energy it offered them to rock the stage. But the end product didn’t come easy – according to Skull, ‘Ragga Muffin’ was a difficult one as they had to transform the original from non-reggae to reggae. HaHa then quipped in Konglish (Korean-English), “Very difficulteu”, causing laughter to erupt everywhere.

On top of commemorating their first overseas appearance, another significant cause for celebration is the birth of HaHa’s son, Dream. When asked about the goal for their next album and whether Dream will help them achieve it, HaHa expressed that their dream is to popularise reggae and to be able to perform it on stage constantly. He answered on behalf of Skull and stated that as Skull has been on the music charts in Japan before, he hopes to enjoy the same success as PSY did in USA.


HaHa also demonstrated how he showers his son with fatherly love by singing a short snippet of a tune he always sings to him. Aww, we’re very proud of you, Haroro (a moniker given to him on Running Man)!

As Skull has yet to find a partner to settle down with yet, everyone was interested to know more about his ideal woman. But his answer was one that the reporter (who asked question) had probably least expected. “I think it’s going to be you. Let me know your phone number,” he replied, causing fans to swoon in jealousy. HaHa injected his comment on the situation by calling Skull a Casanova.

We’re sure this friendship bounded by music is one that is extraordinary and we hope for them to continue to showcase their passion and drive to succeed, but what do you think these guys would be doing if not for reggae? HaHa thinks that Skull would be a hairdresser specialising in reggae hairstyles, while Skull believes HaHa would run a Korean restaurant. Hm, I can already envisage Skull grooving to reggae music as he braids hair and HaHa buzzing around a busy restaurant and calling out with that loud voice of his. Don’t you think so?


HaHa gave us an insight on what to expect from their concerts in Korea since he told concertgoers to wear bikinis and now we know why. “We’re going to have water cannons on stage, so everybody’s going to get wet. So that’s the kind of passionate concert that we’re designing in Korea.” Sounds like everybody’s bound to have a hell of a good time!

Half an hour was barely enough to get to know them, but their down-to-earth and sincere personalities didn’t fail to show through and I appreciate that a lot about them. Here’s to wishing Skull & HaHa a successful concert tour in Korea as well as all the best in their future endeavours!

Dinoseoul would like to thank LEAP IMS for the media invitation. Don’t forget to check out our review of Skull & HaHa’s fanmeet here and also our Facebook page for more pictures.

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