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SONAMOO at Music Matters Live 2015

Last month, the highly anticipated annual music festival, Music Matters Live, was held in Singapore again. Spanning over four nights, more than ten stages at different venues in Clarke Quay, the center of Singapore’s nightlife, the music festival saw a large number of attendees. With country-specific showcases like the Aussie BBQ, Bravo Taiwan and Made In Singapore, music fans were spoilt for choice. Of course, the K-Pop Night Out showcase remained highly popular, this year featuring indie acts Kingston Rudieska, Glen Check, IDIOTAPE, and TS Entertainment‘s Sonamoo.

I arrived slightly late, so I didn’t manage to catch Kingston Rudieska, but I watched Glen Check and IDIOTAPE. With these two bands being of the Dance & Electronic genre, they really brought the atmosphere up, and I was really blown away, which says a lot because I don’t even listen to much of this genre. Anyway, it really increased my expectiations for Sonamoo’s set.

The girls kicked off their 25-minute set with debut song ‘Deja Vu’, which was their best performance of the night. They showed glimpses of their vocal potential with their hard-hitting choreography. High.D‘s ad-libs were great, and the rest of the girls also did a decent job.

They then sheepishly introduced themselves in English, peppered with shy laughs as they were not familiar with the language. Good effort though. Brownie points for High.D when she brushed off Nahyun and Euijin with ‘okay okay‘ when both of them introduced themselves as the prettiest member. Hah!


Following that, the girls did covers of some popular English songs – Becky G‘s ‘Can’t Get Enough’, Destiny’s Child‘s ‘Stand Up For Love’ and Cher‘s ‘Want You Back’. Minjae’s and High.D’s ‘Stand Up For Love’ stood out as the best cover, while the other two were at best, mediocre. I mean, how do you even rap when you can’t even pronounce the words correctly? ‘Want You Back’ was cute, but it was also the weakest performance. They would have been better off doing covers of songs with a language they were more comfortable with – I’m pretty sure the fans wouldn’t have minded it if they performed some popular K-Pop tunes instead.


This was also the first time that Sonamoo performed ‘Nation’s Little Sister’, a track off their debut mini album. Euijin stated that they were a little nervous, but no one could see that – somewhere in between cute and cool, the girls were in their element. ‘Just Go’, an upbeat and light-hearted track, was the last song for their set. Leaving the stage with smiles, they stated their desire to meet Singaporean fans again – I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.


It was evident that Sonamoo still had some work to do performance-wise, but it was a decent set. I’m not completely sold by them, but they definitely have potential. Shouldn’t be too hard though – being able to enjoy themselves on stage means they’re well on their way. We wish them all the best for their upcoming comeback (pssst, another badass track, please)!

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