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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by ponyforprez


TASTY: The twins get their hearts broken in ‘Day`n Night’


But really, it’s great to have Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong finally stepping up their game. When the boys debuted last year with ‘You Know Me’, they got my interest piqued because they were so different (read my review of it here), but when ‘MAMAMA’ was released a couple of months ago, I started to wonder if I would ever hear them promote an actual song song. I liked ‘MAMAMA’ (digressing a little: ‘MAMAMA’ was written by Singaporean producer-writer Tat Tong!) a lot more than ‘You Know Me, but it’s one of those brisk songs full of hooks that don’t stick with you at all after the promotional period, and that just equals forgettable.

The duo draws its inspiration largely from the house genre, which explains their releases’ heavy emphasis on dance music, but it’s a genre that’s hard to actively promote in an industry chock full of catchy lyrics that match killer dance moves. To give them some credit, side tracks from previous singles (E.G ‘Addiction’ from single ‘Spectacular’) do give us a bit more in the vocal department, but the weighty we want to see in their title tracks just don’t quite happen. But really, it’s what makes TASTY hard to appeal to the mainstream audience, but new track and MV for ‘Day`n Night’ looks like it’ll change all that.

Filmed in Hong Kong, the MV is the first time we see the boys away from a stylised set of flashing lights and illuminated boxes. The scenery and ambiance is perfect, and I can’t stress enough how much I love it for showing off the heart and core of Hong Kong, with the the boys working in a dingy Chinese food shop along the streets and a ton of gorgeous shots of the city skyline. To perfectly tie everything up? A heart-wrenching storyline of course.



We first see Daeryong’s ex-lover popping up outside their shop one day as though nothing is wrong, except from his sombre expression and flashback shots we can tell that she had previously left him heartbroken.



This translates to pretty cold responses from both Daeryong and Soryong, but they don’t have the heart to turn the girl away when she stumbles drunk into the shop one night, and after that one stint, warm up to her again. It kills me to see Daeryong smiling from the side watching her as she helps out at the shop in the day and hangs out with them after hours doing stuff like introducing them to durian (priceless expressions from the brothers) and playing iconic-Chinese-characters dress-up (Soryong is adorable in his Bruce Lee getup) – because we all know that happiness is short-lived and something’s gonna go awry again right?


Things start to smell a little fishy when Soryong comes into the shop one night and finds her there. Next thing we know, she manages to corner him and tease him into thinking she’s going to kiss him. Um, aren’t you supposed to be you know, still in love with his brother? Also, at a basketball match the next day, we see her shooting coquettish looks at him while he goofily smiles back. YOU ARE KILLING ME, BOY (and I want to kill you, girl).


We continue to see scenes of the boys loving the company of the girl, while I seriously want to wring her head off since she doesn’t stop her flirting with Soryong – all the while cuddling up to Daeryong. We don’t know whether Soryong previously already had a crush on her when Daeryong and his ex were still together, but it’s pretty evident that he’s harbouring a pretty big one with her return. And by the looks of everything, he doesn’t make a move because she technically belongs to his brother.

I would feel sorry for him if it was a normal case of unrequited love. You know, being the bro who doesn’t get the girl? But man, the only thing on my mind right now is how little miss ex-girlfriend should just remain an ex because she’s messing up both their feelings.



We don’t have to wait long before we see the trio happily strolling down an alley, only to bump into a gang of Chinese mafias. The look on the girl’s face spells out that they aren’t just strangers searching for trouble. While the twins size the gang up, she makes a beeline for the leader’s car in front, not once looking back until she’s in the car, even though both boys are being beaten to a pulp.




I really enjoyed the MV and its storyline, but I definitely thought that it would have worked better in portraying even better emotions if the MV was shot with a different direction in mind. The main theme in the story was to display the repeated betrayal that Daeryong felt when the girl left him again, with Soryong’s affections for her being a one-sided, sideline thing, but it would have made a stronger impact if the MV showed Daeryong’s ex-girlfriend returning but focusing on feelings growing between her and Soryong instead. If Daeryong had been portrayed as continuously being cold to her to hide his hurt, yet still harbouring feelings for her, it would have worked out to creating a lot more angst-y cinematography. Also, everything could be wrapped up with the same scene, but with the brothers realising one girl just ain’t worth their bromance.


Story aside, it’s fantastic how the dance sequences were weaved seamlessly between the story, with the backgrounds set in the same places that the storyline was taking place in, except with Daeryong and Soryong looking completely in control and in their element. It’s a stark, nice contrast from being pushed around and having their feelings played with in the story. Plus, ‘Day`n Night’ has some seriously catchy retro beats that sounds so New Kids on The Block, which goes really well with their funky choreography. The throwback-to-yesteryear thing might not be something new (label-mates INFINITE has dabbled in ’80s synthpop and BtoB‘s ‘Press Play’ album is largely ’90s pop inspired), but it’s refreshing for TASTY in general, and I’m just glad they haven’t thrown away their original style as well.

TASTY still has a long way to go before they rise up to the popularity of last year’s numerous debuts (for instance, EXO and B.A.P), and it could be harder for the brothers when they’re not part of a boy group that capitalises on pushing their popularity via variety shows and endless cute interactions. But these boys are winning me over with their charm and good music, and I think they’re just going to keep getting better. With Woollim Entertainment now merged with SM C&C, TASTY is beginning to start being promoted under SM as well (the MV for ‘Day`n Night’ is also promoted on SM Entertainment‘s official Facebook page), and I’m hoping it brings more recognition to the duo. There has been a lot of discussion on whether the merger was a good idea, but if it means that Daeryong and Soryong are promoted more effectively, I’m all for it.

Watch the MV for ‘Day`n Night’ here:


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