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The 7 things we like about GOT7

Youth is a beautiful thing. With an average age of 20, the boys of GOT7 are barely out of their teens but most certainly at a prime stage of their lives. The stage where good looks, talent, and boyish charm to knock the socks off giggly fan girls is a given.

The seven members of JYP Entertainment‘s newest boy group were in Singapore on April 25 for their first fan meet. Despite torrential weather, we spotted hordes of mostly female fans huddled for shelter at Kallang Theatre hours before the fan meet was due to start. The rain certainly didn’t damper their moods! It didn’t take us long to find out why fans were so enthusiastic about meeting the members when we sat down for a brief press conference with them prior to the fan meet – these boys ooze charisma, goofy smiles, and we just really want to keep them in our pockets, okay?

The fan meet might be over, but here are the seven things we like about GOT7 after getting to meet them:

1. Jr. and his endless expressions

We didn’t know it was possible to look so adorable when one’s just…sitting down. But GOT7’s Jr. has certainly taught us a thing or two. While he wasn’t the most vocal when it boiled down to answering questions (there’s always chatty Jackson for that), he constantly put a smile on our faces with his impish grins, dimpled pouts and occasional banter with Mark and JB (he was sitting in between boys).



We also like that he complimented Singapore on having a lot of ‘fresh air’ because of all the trees we have! Too polite.

2. Jackson as average as any (university kid)


Okay, so maybe not exactly. But the 21-year-old has spent a lot of time eating in school here – Nanyang Technological University (NTU), no less! The formal national fencer ‘fessed that when it comes to good food in Singapore, he’s as clueless as the other members as he had all his meals at the Youth Olympic Village held at NTU while here for the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics games. It seems that Jackson might have forgotten the exact name of the school though, as we initially heard him mention the name ‘Republic’ and thought he meant Republic Polytechnic! A quick search however, shows that Jackson was likely talking about NTU instead. Either way, we love that this makes him all the more closer to us!

3. Bambam is an Instagram enthusiast…just like us!


As one of the most active members on Instagram, Bambam asserted that he frequently checks for and reads comments from fans. However, sometimes they move too fast and he has a hard time keeping up…and therefore he manages to read about 70% of all comments. So girls and boys, if you’re lucky, Bambam might spot your comment/question and hopefully reply! Just be sure not to flood him so he can read everything…

4. JB might be known as the grandpa of the group, but he’s really everyone’s rock 


You can really tell that JB has the respect of all the members – and ours too. When it boils down to decision-making, everyone agreed that while they have their own opinions, the final call goes to JB thanks to his good foresight and constant need to keep everyone’s best interests in mind. We love that he also acknowledged Jackson for the latter’s hard work on SBS Roommate as he believed that Jackson’s flair for variety helped increase the group’s popularity. Aww!

5. Maknae Yugyeom is all about channeling his inner feels


Initially bewildering us by saying he actually loves the hot weather in Singapore, the youngest member surprised us again when he professed hopes of producing an R&B/ballad album in the future if possible. He also chose ‘Stay’ as his a GOT7 song that speaks to him. Judging from the track’s lyrics about wanting to go to a girl and staying faithful forever, we are guessing age isn’t a factor when it comes to how romantic this boy is!

6. Mark’s the strong silent type – but his good-looking mug works perfectly with that


Mark was notably quieter than the other members during the press conference, but he did charm us with his introduction (in English, of course) and composed demeanour. The boy’s so lanky, it looked like the bar stool he was sitting on was a little too uncomfortable for him! Perhaps he would have been a little more chatty if he felt more at ease?

7. Youngjae and his perpetually serious look



With his floppy hair and sleepy eyes, we constantly resisted our urge to reach over from where we were sitting and smother Youngjae with our love. Despite how serious he looked, the idol continually scored brownie points with us for saying he would love to come back to Singapore for a personal holiday – we’ll gladly volunteer as tour guides – and for showing his sentimental side when he said he wants to produce an album of ‘sad songs’. What is with him and Yugyeom and emotionally-laden songs?

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank LEAP IMS for the media invitation to GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore. Do stay tuned for our coverage of the Fan Meet, and check out more photos of the press conference on our Facebook page here.

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