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The Running Man cast is back…and as personable as ever

Attending a press conference involving Korean artistes is a really tricky thing. There are usually a lot stricter regulations with regards to questions that you can ask, and the overall amount of time spent with the artistes is kept to the bare minimal due to their tight schedules.

However, despite everything, the five members (Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Gary were not present due to conflicting schedules) of the popular Korean variety series, Running Man, namely Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, Ha Dong Hoon (HaHa) and Kim Jong Kook did their best to make the most out of the short press meeting, held at Pan Pacific Hotel on Friday.


Besides talking about how beautiful and clean our country is, Jong Kook declares that “the weather here is perfect!” and Suk Jin adores the chilli and pepper crab so much he is regretful that he likely would not have the time to eat it again on this trip.


We’re sure Suk Jin is envying Ace Ji Hyo, because the lucky girl arrived a day ahead of the other members and had the time to do a little sight-seeing. We aren’t sure if any fans managed to spot her at the S.E.A Aquarium as it was one of the tourist spots she visited, but in case anyone’s wondering – she’s planning to pay a visit to the Night Safari next.

It’s evident that the Running Man series propelled the members to fame. While some of them enjoyed mainstream success with their individual careers, the variety series boosted their popularity all across the world. Jong Kook stresses that they are “extremely honoured” to be given the opportunity to be part of the cast and for the support of all their fans.


Kwang Soo the newfound super star


It’s no surprise that Kwang Soo has always been the gawky member usually made fun of by the others for his lanky frame and silly antics. However, the actor recently gained extra credentials after winning awards for his role as Soo Kwang in It’s Okay, That’s Love. The members were questioned on whether they treat Kwang Soo any differently now, and Jong Kook candidly said that “he’s very cocky now” while the rest piped in that “his shoulders are a little higher, and we can’t really have dinner or meals at the same table now”. They also joked that his personal entourage for hair and makeup has increased exponentially!

On the Chinese version of Running Man, and what are the best moments of the show so far for the members


Jong Kong said that although it was initially awkward, having Korean members on set of the filming of the Chinese version of Running Man made it gradually more comfortable. He also felt they had the responsibility to teach the Chinese members the typical Running Man protocols. He also gleefully added that he was really happy that they won even though it was ‘childish’, inciting laughter all around.


The first episode of Running Man was four years ago, which means that there has been well over a few hundred games and guests on the show since then. When quizzed on their favourite episode thus far, HaHa wistfully said that he felt the first episode was very special to him, while Kwangsoo said that the Vietnam episode remains most memorable to him because it was where Jong Kook first gave him the nickname of ‘Asia Prince’. On the other hand, Ji Hyo felt that episodes where the members were the only participating players gave them a great opportunity to bond.

And while fans idolise these stars on the show now, Suk Jin said that they (the members) themselves were really starstruck when Jackie Chan guested on the show with them, as they grew up watching him on television.

The truth is out – facing Jong Kook is a scarier feat than any rollercoaster



When the Betrayers’ Club, consisting of Suk Jin, HaHa and Kwangsoo, were asked if their rollercoaster experience in Taiwan was the scariest moment on the show for them, Suk Jin acknowledged his timid side and reminded everyone that he couldn’t bungee jump in Macau either when everyone else did. Also, when he saw his expressions on television after the Taiwan episode, he swore he would never ride it again.

However, Kwang Soo solemnly declared that having to compete with Jong Kook as the last competitor during Running Man tops any scary experience on the show, which we believe is something everyone will agree with!

As Race Start Season 2 In Singapore is the last stop of their tour, the members promised to give it their all and put up a great show for everyone. From the witty quips to the playful banter throughout the press conference, we can’t help but love the members for their candidness and just how humble they are despite how far they’ve come together. We sincerely hope that Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Gary will be able to join us next time!

As a bonus photo, here’s HaHa and Kwang Soo playfully ‘making out’ during the press conference!


Dinoseoul would like to once again thank ONE TV ASIA for the media invitation to Race Start Season 2 in Singapore. Do stay tuned for our coverage of the Fan Meet, and check out more photos of the press conference on our Facebook page here.

New episodes of Running Man premiere on Fridays at 11.45pm first and exclusively on ONE. Repeats air the following Friday at 7.40pm, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.15pm.

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