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Published on February 20th, 2017 | by ponyforprez


There’s no escaping TWICE’s ‘Knock Knock’

I swear, TWICE strikes title track lottery every time they make a comeback. Latest track ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ is, surprise surprise, yet another infectious earworm. Released as part of the special edition of their ‘TWICEcoaster‘ album, the JYP Entertainment darlings are back to dominate 2017 with aplomb.

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Like previous hit tracks ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘TT’, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ is set to become this year’s anthem. The adorable track features JYP’s tried-and-tested constant thumping beat, sing-talk rapping and cheerleader-like chants to drill itself into your head. Unlike ‘TT’, which had a slow build-up to the chorus, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ draws you in immediately with fast-paced verses and its ‘knock knock knock’ hook. For what the TWICE members lack in vocal prowess, they certainly make up for in terms of quirky studio techniques and A+ production quality.

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The MV is probably my favourite from TWICE yet. It’s the only slumber party you’ll want to be invited to since Girls’ Generation‘s ‘I Got A Boy’ with its gorgeous palette, cute hair and outfits, and kooky stop motion mannerisms. Aesthetically, everything just works for ‘Knock Knock’, and JYP really nailed it in bringing out the girls’ youth and vibrant personalities with an MV that’s just as colourful. Very, very fun to watch.

‘KNOCK KNOCK’ seems to serve as prelude of sorts to the different personas the members took on in ‘TT’. In slumber party land, the members seem to be endlessly waiting for the right person to come knock on their door—with an obligatory cringe-y Park Jin Young appearance. They eventually get enticed by snow and head out anyway (without any keys because genius) and of course, get locked out when the clock strikes 12. Will they forever lose their regular girl selves and become the characters in the fairytale book again? We’ll never know. Or maybe we will, when the next MV comes out.

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The TWICE girl group formula is one that isn’t new, but definitely hard to nail. TWICE has proven that despite the amount of groups debuting each year, it’s not impossible to still blow up and become insanely huge as long as you play your cards right.

For instance, with all things considered, ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ can honestly just pass off as another cute number in a sea of K-pop ditties. But because it’s TWICE, you can bet this release turns into iconic pop gold. These girls have been carefully selected to maximise the group’s overall charm. Nayeon as the reliable starter of all title tracks thus far, Sana as the cutesy bringer of hit liners, Chaeyoung as the sassy rapper and Dahyun as the dorky one…I’d say reality show ‘Sixteen‘ definitely did TWICE a whole lot of good in narrowing the best candidates that the world can now easily identify with and love. While naysayers are still going on about how these girls don’t actually have real talent, I think it’s safe to say that amidst raking up millions of MV views, cementing their number one positions on charts, and selling out shows for their first concert, the TWICE members aren’t going to curl up and cry over disgruntled haters anytime soon.

P/S: I just know the live performances for ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ are gonna be amazing to watch. Can’t wait!

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