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Published on July 8th, 2016 | by ponyforprez


There’s no questioning Taeyeon’s ‘Why’

No one can deny Kim Taeyeon‘s success as a solo artiste. ‘I‘ was a fantastic debut mini, and sophomore mini ‘Why‘, looks set to claim similar success.

Same-titled leading single of the mini album, ‘Why’, is all about feel-good vibes. The track takes on a tropical house sound (it appears that some brand of EDM is all the range with SM Entertainment these days) with breathy, light opening verses accompanied by simple guitar strums, before kicking it up a notch with a harder beat when transitioning into the pre-chorus and chorus. The great thing about having a vocalist like Taeyeon sing on an instrumental like this is that her voice really holds its own weight, distinctively standing out against the already attention-grabbing background music. This puts ‘Why’ in the same category as Luna‘s ‘Feel Somebody‘ — and it’s no wonder, given that both girls are such fantastic singers.

That said, I didn’t immediately take to ‘Why’ the same way I did to ‘I’ and ‘Starlight’. Maybe it was because I was used to Taeyeon’s vocals crooning softer, slower tracks with an aspirational life to them, but ‘Why’ grew on me with its unapologetic hook and carefree vibe. Much of it is attributed to the chorus — it employs the use of repetition and draws out the end of every line for added emphasis.

‘Why’ is definitely something different. It continues to highlight Taeyeon’s unstoppable abilities as a soloist, and also makes us even eager for more work from her. Out of all the Girls Generation members, I truly believe she will make it the furthest (I’m sorry Tiffany!), because what she has is unadulterated talent and a demeanour that can quickly switch from unspoken cool to cute to nail any damn concept in the world. Album-wise, I actually preferred ‘I’ on a whole, but ‘Why’ is a refreshing change and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your thoughts on the song and Taeyeon’s overall comeback?

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