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Topp Dogg Fan Meet in Singapore: At the top of their game

On 12 January, super-sized rookie group Topp Dogg made their first overseas appearance for their Fan Meet in Singapore. Despite starting an hour later than scheduled, the event pulled off without any major hitches and the Stardom boy group gave their all in both the performances and games, making sure everyone had a great time.

Although they only had a handful of songs in their repertoire,  the members still entertained during the showcase, starting with debut single ‘Say It’. The 13 members made great use of the stage space and ToppKlass (official name for Topp Dogg fans) in the audience witnessed the explosive choreography live for the very first time. The mood then shifted as Kidoh confidently serenaded the crowd with his solo ‘A Girl Like You’.

When introductions were finally made, it understandably took some time given the size of the group. But it was great to see some of the members making the effort to greet in English and main vocalist Seogoong even impressed with a smattering of Mandarin Chinese! During the fan interaction portion, lucky ToppKlass were selected to go up on stage to take part in a few rounds of charades with the group. But first, the group was divided into two – Dorms A and B, just like the rooming situation back home in Korea. Dorm A was made up of leader P-Goon, Kidoh, B-Joo, Hojoon, Seogoong, Xero and A-Tom while Dorm B was made up of remaining six members Sangdo, Hansol, Nakta, Yano, Gohn and Jenissi.


The members all genuinely looked like they were having fun onstage interacting with fans and getting really into the games – even the members who weren’t actively taking part seemed immersed and laughing along whenever something funny happened. Particularly memorable was when they had to portray The Little Mermaid and one by one, they gamely got onto the floor to re-enact the iconic character. And when they had to guess the answer EXO, the members enthusiastically took turns dancing parts of the SM group’s choreography whilst chuckling to themselves. It was this eager attitude that eventually won me over in the end, making me a fan of the group by the time the showcase wrapped up in the evening.



Another highlight was a dance stage by the Wizards (made up of dancers Xero, Hansol, B-Joo and Hojoon) and even though it was slightly marred by a technical problem at the start, it was incredible witnessing each of them get their turn in the spotlight before coming together for a dynamic group performance. After an outfit change, the rest of TOPPDOGG returned onstage to perform ‘Cigarette’ live for the first time but what made the showcase extra special was being witnesses to the group’s comeback teaser for ‘Open the Door’ before the rest of the world even laid their eyes on it!


The boys were surprisingly generous with their fanservice as they launched into their last song of the day, ‘Cute Girl’, with maknae Yano repeatedly pointing and asking the audience, “Are you cute girl?” We even spotted members A-Tom and P-Goon taking selcas with some fans’ phones! Before we knew it, it was time for the encore and all 13 members dashed out onstage once again and performed a more casual version of ‘Say It’, throwing in some aegyo into the choreography as they smiled and made hearts at the crowd. Definitely charmers, these boys!

DSC_0124  DSC_0416

Check out our highlights reel of the showcase!

Dinoseoul would like to thank East Entertainment for the media invitation. For pictures from both the group interview and fan meet, do check out our Facebook page here and here. For HQ pictures, do visit our Flickr here and here.

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