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U-KISS ‘Collage’ Tour Concert: Partying up a storm

One word to sum up U-KISS‘Collage’ Tour Concert in Singapore? Phenomenal.

Held two Saturdays ago at The Coliseum at the Hard Rock Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, the 2-hour concert was thoroughly satisfying and exceeded all our expectations. The seven members tore through the 2-hour concert with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm, performing to perfection almost every hit single they’ve put out, from their latest single ‘Standing Still’ and going as far back as ‘Man Man Ha Ni’.

Being the all-rounded and experienced entertainers that they are, the boys were also extremely generous with dishing out fanservice, and they warmly interacted with the boisterious crowd of mostly female Kiss Mes, who eagerly responded to every question the boys threw out.


Despite the overwhelming humidity that day, Kiss Mes had already formed long queues at the venue when Dinoseoul arrived for the press conference in the afternoon – evidence of U-KISS’ explosive popularity in Singapore! The heat continued all day, and all Kiss Mes present at the concert would agree that the humidity was unbearable even during the concert, way after the sun had set! Amazingly, even though the boys of U-KISS got a full blast of the typical unfriendly Singapore weather at the outdoor concert venue, they still remained extremely professional – pouring all their energy into putting up impeccable performances for all Kiss Mes present (even as the perspiration poured down their faces!).


After plenty of teasing and several false alarms, the concert finally started a little bit after 8.30pm, with the boys taking the stage looking sharp in white blazers, amidst deafening screams from Kiss Mes. The screams racheted up several notches when the opening song ‘Stop Girl’ started.

Kiss Mes familiar with ‘Stop Girl’ would know that female back-up dancers play a rather significant role, but their absence from this particular performance was barely noticeable, with U-KISS executing the performance to their usual outstanding standard.


‘Believe’, from U-KISS’ special album dedicated to Kiss Mes, was up next. The high-tempo track with its heavy U-KISS flavour and strong dance-pop influences continued to keep the energy level high. But fans were obviously partial towards the old-but-gold songs, judging from their hysterical reaction to the next track ‘Bingeul Bingeul’. The repetitive hook also had everyone chanting ‘bingeul bingeul bingeul bingeul’ at the top of their lungs.


And then it was time for a water break and introductions. The boys went down the line introducing themselves in English and the screams that greeted each introduction were all so deafening – it was impossible to judge who was the most popular member. I guess Singaporean Kiss Mes just adore all of U-KISS!

As the boys smoothly segued into the group’s latest single, it was the first time fans in Singapore were seeing ‘Standing Still’ performed live, and let me tell you, it’s infinitely better than watching it through our computer monitors or through televisions!


The boys moved on to ‘0330’, a personal favourite of ours, and also a song that defined the U-KISS that we all know and love today. At this point, Dinoseoul would like to bestow upon ‘don’t deny our r-squared-pi‘ the honour of being the Most Well-Known U-KISS’ Lyrics. The crowd chanted that line so loudly that AJ and Eli just held up their mics and allowed the fans to take over the rapping!

After a slew of high-energy songs, it was time to slow things down a bit with ‘Some Day’. The boys had mentioned on variety shows in the past how ‘Some Day’ held special significance, as they often related to the track with regards to their not winning No.1 despite being in the industry for so long. The boys’ earnest desire and humility shone through the performance, and I’m sure many Kiss Mes present would have felt it too.


With its solid, thumping beats and strong choreography during the chorus, ‘NEVERLAND’ was an instant crowd-pleaser. The boys didn’t ever seem to tire, as they managed to squeeze in a performance of the Japanese version of ‘Tick Tack’ before they took a breather from all that dancing. Although not as well known as their other hit singles, it was still an amazing opportunity to be able to hear them perform their first Japanese single (a Korean version was later released in their ‘DoraDora’ album).


AJ then decided to hold a screaming competition among the fans after claiming to see some fans lipsync screams. The boys took turns voting for the loudest section, and after deciding that the first section was the loudest, went on to pick a lucky fan from that section to go on stage to receive well, personalised fanservice. She received hugs from every member as well as a photograph with all of U-KISS, causing some fans to become so envious that they dropped tears. Aww.


The crowd’s awesome response towards the boys’ interaction could be attributed to Kevin‘s, Eli’s and AJ’s tremendous English-speaking ability. The same screaming battle could have been held for any other group with a translator, but going through a translator would have placed a delay between the request from the group and the response from the crowd. In U-KISS’ case, they were able to get an immediate reaction from the fans whenever they said something, which made for a closer, more personable touch that all fans crave for with their idols.


After a slick performance of their second Japanese single ‘Forbidden Love’, the boys turned into smooth crooners in ‘When Love Stops’. All the boys were given singing parts (yes, even AJ and Eli!), proving that they could all hold their own vocals-wise. The gorgeous ballad was utterly romantic and needless to say, turned all fans weak-kneed and starry-eyed.


We did not see this coming, but the boys jumped on the kwiyomi bandwagon by having all seven members gamely participating. Hoon even brought a different twist to it with his muscle version and a teasing flash of abs. That definitely brought the most deafening shrieks I’ve ever heard at a concert. I’m sure it’s one of the most memorable images from the concert for everyone – for me, it has been permanently seared into my mind.


The boys also didn’t pass on the opportunity to promote their then upcoming debut of subunit uBEAT. Kevin sang a really short line from the song ‘Should Have Treated You Better’, but it was so ridiculously short that Soohyun got kind of disgruntled and ordered him to sing more. It was hilarious.

After that long break, the boys went back to doing what they did best – performing. ‘DORADORA’ was up next, and we loved the song… along with *ahem* the body waves and coy shirt-lifting *ahem*. Well, I’m sure we weren’t the only ones…


And then to our surprise, the boys performed ‘Without You’! They hardly ever perform this song, so it was a pleasant surprise and a real gem to take away from the concert.

‘Lifetime For Kiss Me’ turned the concert into one big party – with fans singing (or more accurately, screaming) along with to the super catchy and upbeat number, amd the boys running amok all around the tiny stage without a fixed choreography, sometimes sitting by the edge of the stage, other times spraying fans with water (a welcome respite from the heat!).


Before long, it was time for the final encore of the evening, and what better song to end the concert than with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’? In keeping with Kiss Mes’ rather interesting preference for oldies, it was no surprise that the 2009 track that catapulted the boys to fame received the loudest shrieks. Of course, it helped that the song had a sort of ‘call and response’ incorporated into the performance, such that every time the boys sang ‘man man ha ni‘ the crowd could yell back a ‘hey!‘ or a ‘ho!‘, making the experience even more interactive and fun.


The evening was then wound down with a special video that Singaporean Kiss Mes had prepared for the boys. Evidently touched, the members thanked the crowd profusely and promised to be back soon. We can’t wait to see what else the boys have planned for the rest of the year!

We thought U-KISS’ ‘Collage’ Tour Concert was such an unforgettable and enthralling concert. Even if you aren’t a huge fan, make sure to catch them if they ever stop by your country, because they are such delightful performers with really attractive and charming personalities. I’m sure all Kiss Mes present at this concert would agree!

Dinoseoul would like to extend our sincere thanks to Jig Asia Entertainment once more for the media invitation. Be sure to check out our review from the press conference for U-KISS and for more pictures from the press conference and concert, do check out our Facebook page.

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