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Published on July 29th, 2015 | by ponyforprez


We rate the songs of the summer!

Is it just me, or has this summer been particularly fruitful with releases? Besides our thoughts on AOA and SISTAR‘s recent comebacks, we’ve managed to find some time to talk about the other tracks that have been bestowed upon us these couple of weeks. We love some of them, others not so much, but there’s no denying that there’s a whole lot of music to suit everyone’s tastes out there.

Note: Songs are not arranged chronologically.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Party’

deejaymich: With the slew of cheery anthems out this month, it seems only necessary that Korea’s beloved Girls’ Generation make their long-anticipated comeback to set standards on how things ought to be done. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure if we’re taught anything from this.

ponyforprez: ‘PARTY’ is possibly Girls’ Generation most laid-back track in a while. It’s not their main single – just a pre-release – and for good reason too. The song might aim to be the soundtrack of everyone’s summer, but it sorely lacks when compared to the other releases coming out around the same time. The verses and choruses mesh together with little effort, and while upbeat, fail to reach a proper climatic point. So sad to say, I don’t think the party actually got started.

9MUSES’ ‘Hurt Locker’

ponyforprez: I’ve seen comments floating around that this is one of the (if not already the) best song of the summer, so I purposefully checked out the MV for ‘Hurt Locker’. It’s not a personal favourite, but I’ll admit that this does have a decent hook and awesome visuals. However, if we’re talking about going down the Euro-Pop route, I actually very much prefer AOA‘s ‘Heart Attack’, which I didn’t even like at first.

Apink’s ‘Remember’

ponyforprez: Definitely not as catchy as ‘Mr. Chu’ or ‘LUV’, but Apink‘s ‘Remember’ shines with its own quiet charm. I understand why so many have called this boring – it didn’t draw me in upon first listen either – but you really have to play it a couple of times to unearth its magic. Composed, produced and arranged by Shinsadong Tiger, the track boasts old school K-pop feels about going back to the good ole times before it’s too late. Starting off as a ballad before launching into a relatively upbeat dance beat, ‘Remember’ never veers into a climatic zone, but is still lovely to listen to overall.

deejaymich: It is really quite boring as compared to their previous songs like ‘Mr.Chu’, ‘NoNoNo’, and ‘Luv’ though. Even with the difference in instrumentation in parts of the song, it still sounds really bland overall. Also, the live performances aren’t the most exciting either, so as much as I do not want to say it, this comeback was rather disappointing for me.

GUHARA’s ‘Choco Chip Cookies’ 

ponyforprez: Now that we’ve more or less gotten over the disbelief that Hara got a solo debut (it happens okay, it’s all about packaging), I’ll be honest and say that while ‘Choco Chip Cookies’ isn’t the best thing that we’ve heard this month, it doesn’t leave a bad taste on the tongue either.

deejaymich: That pun. Hah! I still remember our discussion we had on the news of her solo debut. That said though, I too think that the song isn’t bad and it definitely fits her style and voice range. My favourite part of the song is the rap though. What – I just really like Giriboy, okay?

Crush’s ‘Oasis’

deejaymich: Trust Crush to always be putting out jams. I was putting ‘Oasis’ on replay when it got released. It’s a breezy and chill R&B song that gets me grooving every single time. Zion.T‘s little featuring was also a nice touch (these two create masterpieces together). The only qualm I have is Zico‘s out-of-control rap towards the end. Don’t get me wrong – I ain’t questioning his rap skills, but I wish he toned down a bit because all that screeching’s not very cool for a song like this.

GOT7’s ‘Just Right’

deejaymich: I didn’t expect to like the song this much. It definitely reminds me of one of their earlier singles ‘A’, which makes me smile as well. I love it when songs are not over-produced and their voices are not modified digitally. Anyway, I’m absolutely sold this comeback. GOT7, y’all more than just right.

ponyforprez: Love, love, love this. I’ve never jumped on the GOT7 bandwagon, but ‘Just Right’, with its earnest message and chorus hook, is absolutely lovable. You totally nailed it when you say they’re more than just right. They remind me of a younger and more athletic B1A4, but currently with catchier songs.

Jay Park’s ‘My Last’

deejaymich: I’ve always preferred Jay Park‘s chilled tracks to his party ones. ‘My Last’ features his label-mates LOCO and GRAY, and is produced by long-time collaborator, Cha Cha Malone. The raps in this song are tight, yet quirky and adorable (LOCO absolutely killed it!), the hook is really sweet, and GRAY’s part is the icing on the cake. The music video is also really worth checking out!


ponyforprez: OK so I barely recognise anyone in HELLOVENUS anymore, but I do know that their music has changed quite a lot since the new members joined. ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ enjoyed pretty commercial success when it was released for its butt-jiggling moves and catchiness, but I’m not sure ‘I’m Ill’ is able to match that success. It’s a hard-hitting, EDM track that tries to capture attention, but is too messy to enjoy. There’s just way too much going on. Not their best work.

G-Friend’s ‘Me Gustas Tu’ 

ponyforprez: I feel like G-Friend is ticking off all the right boxes when it comes to churning out easy-on-the-ears K-pop that doesn’t try too hard. It’s light and airy, innocent (right down to the birds happily chirping at the start of the MV), and laden with cheery vocals. Most importantly, it’s different from the edgier girl group tracks this season and overall enjoyable. I do wonder if we’ll see these girls in anything besides flow-y skirts and dresses though.

deejaymich: Well these girls have been doing relatively well so far (they even hit #1 on real-time music charts for a short time!), so I think they will stick to this concept for a while. It’s not my favourite kind of concept – I personally prefer slightly edgier tunes, but I keep finding myself going back to this song. It makes me feel like going on a road trip… in a convertible… complete with hair flowing in the wind.

Primary’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’

deejaymich: Featuring AOA’s Choa and rapper Iron, ‘Don’t Be Shy’ might not sound much like a summer song, especially if you watched the music video, but with a reggae beat, it does qualify as one. I am absolutely in love with this track and Choa’s style of singing here. We’re all pretty familiar with her usual style of singing – airy when it’s in the low to mid range, but clear and strong when it comes to high notes, but she shows us a totally different style here. With a slightly higher pitched voice, the teasing and come-hither nature of the track is portrayed well. Plus, the ‘don’t be shy, dagawa‘ hook is so catchy!

ponyforprez: This song is so hauntingly beautiful – and I really enjoyed the reggae sound. Choa finally showcases a lower singing register here, while retaining her naturally higher vocal line. So much more enjoyable than the strained notes in AOA’s tracks, if I do say so.

BEAST’s ‘Yey’

deejaymich: I don’t know – I have pretty mixed feelings towards this song. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it does make me feel like partying, but I expected more because well, it’s BEAST. Or maybe it’s because I enjoyed their pre-release track ‘Gotta Go To Work’ a lot. It’ll probably grow on me though, just like how one of their other party songs ‘Beautiful Night’ did. All the dreadlocks and ramen hairstyles have got to go though. Eesh.

ponyforprez: I agree about enjoying ‘Gotta Go To Work’ a lot more (it’s such a cute song!), but I get why ‘Yey’ is the title track. It’s just made for the stage, you know? Mostly mixed feelings for this track – which I’m pretty annoyed about because I love BEAST. Grr. Still, I know the kind of quality they can deliver, so experimenting like this? I’ll take it.

What were your favourite songs this summer? Any upcoming releases you’re looking forward to (B1A4 ahhh!)? Let us know in the comments below!

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