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Published on February 5th, 2016 | by dinoseoul


WINNER: ‘EXIT : E’ album review

WINNER is back! Are we glad? Never felt better.

EXIT : E‘ is the group’s first comeback after a year and a half, and boy what a worthy wait it was. The mini album is full of great, emotive tracks (no weak fillers for this group), each carefully composed and produced for maximum effect. While only Taehyun and Mino get their solos again this time, we’re not complaining because we just know that the rest of the members will get their rightful time to shine. Keeping our fingers crossed.


ponyforprez: Inner Circles have been pining for title track ‘BABY BABY’ ever since YG Entertainment started the ingenious marketing of releasing clips of various artistes doing their own rendition of the track (P/S: One of our favourites is LEE HI‘s version). ‘BABY BABY’ shows off WINNER’s ability to take a slower track and make it their own, working the rock-ballad-y verses with drawn-out, melancholic lines. The slow drum beats and vocal harmonisations are perfect in setting the wistful feelings of loneliness that the boys portray perfectly here.

deejaymich: I fell in love with this track and its 12/8 slow Blues accompaniment. It’s by no means complicated, in fact, it’s a fundamental percussion beat in the genre, but hardly any other K-Pop group has used this and this is what makes this track simple yet different. I also like how the raps aren’t overbearing and go seamlessly with the song in general. Those choruses by Taehyun and Seungyoon are just really nice to listen to as well.


ponyforprez: This track gives us the same sound and vibes that BIGBANG sunbaes show off in  ‘SOBER’. It’s fun, it sounds rad, and it’s also real – speaking about the frustration that accompanies a relationship. We feel you. I also really like how Jinwoo sounds here – being one of the supporting vocalists hasn’t stopped him from allowing himself to stand out in songs.

deejaymich: I agree with you – this track definitely sounds like something BIGBANG would put out, except I think it’s more laid-back than ‘SOBER’. Not that it makes it any less enjoyable. Contrary to the message of the song the chorus actually sounds quite playful and tongue-in-cheek – loving the juxtaposition here.


deejaymich: Are you feeling Seungyoon ‘Wild And Young’ vibes? This is actually my favourite track off the mini album, which is pretty ironic since it is the track that got the least promotion. Anyway, this adolescent pop rock track makes me feel really young and it’s a track I’d love to crazily jump to (preferably at a concert but anywhere really).


ponyforprez: Taehyun’s solo is one that’s particularly moving, because it’s written from his personal experience of a painful breakup. He definitely knows how to work his vocals to his advantage, because he’s extremely convincing with his dreamy verses and nostalgia-tinged

deejaymich: I’m not too crazy about ballads nowadays, but the way Taehyun renders the piece so delicately makes me feel his vulnerability. The brief key modulation at the end of the choruses add a bit of flavour as well. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to listen to the song, but I wouldn’t skip it if it on either.


ponyforprez: This was interesting to hear. I can see why YG paired both Taehyun and Mino up, because while they both have very distinctive styles of singing, they sound really good together. I like that the track is softer, slower, and with its acoustic nature is very easy on the ears.

deejaymich: This acoustic piece was a pre-release to give us a taste of the whole mini album, and I was definitely not disappointed. I think this Taehyun-Mino combination is great, and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing more of them working together.

What are your thoughts on the new mini album?

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