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Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung shine at the launch of tvN Movies

2017 is off to an exciting start for all of us movie buffs!

Korea’s leading entertainment conglomerate, CJ E&M, launched its latest venture in Singapore for movie buffs, tvN Movies, on StarHub TV (Channel 818) on January 11, 2017. It’s the world’s first and only Korean Blockbuster movie channel, so you can be sure to get your K-movie fix all in one place

The launch activities included a preview of a new Korean movie ‘The Age of Shadows‘ (starring Gong Yoo), a Press Conference and Meet-and-Greet Session for ‘Master‘ (featuring appearances by director Cho Ui Seok, and leading actors Kang Dong Won and Kim Woo Bin), as well as the grand launch of tvN Movies on 13 August with appearances of Korean stars Shim Eun Kyung and Yeo Jin Goo. The young stars also graced the tvN Movies Award Presentation, which was followed by a Movie Screening Party of ‘Miss Granny‘.



Having debuted at age 9 and 8 respectively, both Shim Eun Kyung and Yeo Jin Goo are considered veterans in the acting industry. However, the pair have only recently transitioned into ‘adult’ roles, breaking away from their old child star image. Dinoseoul met both actors for a quick chat to find out their thoughts on acting, upcoming work, and more.

A star on the rise: Yeo Jin Goo 


You’ve played many different roles since your debut like an emotional one in ‘Hwayi’ and a high schooler in love with a vampire in ‘Orange Marmalade’. How do you usually prepare for all your different roles?

Yeo Jin Goo: It depends on the personality of the role, and the atmosphere of that movie or drama. Before we start, I will meet up with the director and to go through the script and see what kind of emotions to bring out. If it’s after or during the filming, we go to the field and I’ll talk to my seniors. When you’re actually on the field, the emotion or atmosphere that they want might actually change.

Any thoughts before choosing a script? 

YJG: When I select a project, I like to choose a character that’s different from my own personality. This is so I can show off the different types of acting I can do.

Filming historical dramas can be really tiring. What are some good things about them?

YJG: Before the drama is aired, I get really nervous because I don’t know what the viewers are thinking. So when it first got aired and a lot more people actually liked the drama and there were a lot of good compliments, I was really happy and a lot of staff members and people in the field would congratulate each other and go out for dinner together.

Closest friends in the industry?

YJG: I’ve been acting with a lot of young actors so we are all very close. A few I can mention are Kim Min Jae (a lot of people say we look alike! We’re also from the same university) and Park Bo Gum. The interesting thing is that I’m also close to my seniors because we do a lot of filming together.

Is there a particular actor or actress that you wish to act alongside with? 

YJG: I’ve a lot of role models since I’ve been young, and have also wanted to work with many of them. It’ll be a dream to!

There’s a trend for noona-dongsaeng lovelines recently. Is there an actress you’d like to act out a loveline with? 

YJG: I really want to work together with Kim Go Eun from ‘Dokkaebi (lead actress of current popular drama ‘Goblin‘) and Shim Eun Kyung. I was actually very nervous because I am her fan. I’m really looking forward to working with these two actresses.

 You’ve played the younger versions of popular actors like Kim Soo Hyun and Jo In Sung before. Is there a particular child actor you would like to be cast as your younger self? 

YJG: Young actors nowadays are very passionate and bright. I hope for someone who can be like an energy booster!

Last question! Which facial feature of a woman do you find yourself looking at the most? 

YJG: I look at her smile!

A woman of many talents: Shim Eun Kyung 


You’ve acted in many movies so far. Which character would you feel you relate to the most?

Shim Eun Kyung: I love and can relate to most of my roles, which is why I chose them for my career. However, I feel like I can relate most to the recent ‘Miss Granny’. It was challenging for me to prepare for this, and I also have a lot of good memories from the filming. It was also a good stepping stone for me to transition into an adult role.

In the future, is there a particular role or genre you’d like to take on?

SEK: I hope to meet various characters in my upcoming films and dramas, but the one I would like to try the most is the role of an antagonist, or something more serious because I usually get bright or cheerful roles!

As you’re still a youth yourself, what are the challenges you faced acting as a 74-year-old lady (in ‘Miss Granny’)? Was there someone you had help from?

SEK: It wasn’t easy for me since I’m not an old granny yet! I felt it was important that the audience accepted my acting in this because I had no idea how elderly folks think, act or talk. I had the most help from was the director because I was very worried and anxious, but he helped me relax by talking through things with me. We actually felt the scene in the movie when I first appeared was the most important—even though it was a comedic scene—but we put the most effort into it.

You mentioned you had three movies coming up this year. Can you let us know a bit more about them?

SEK: The first movie is called ‘Fabricated City‘ with Ji Chang Wook that’s coming out soon. I had high expectations for this because when I first read the scenario, I was amazed because it was something new and also how the director imagined the story. In this movie, I acted as a hacker who’s antisocial, but has a cutesy inner side who’s not as cold as she appears. I’m curious to see how this turns out!

The second movie is with Lee Seung Gi, and it doesn’t have a fixed date yet. This is actually a historical romance, so it’s something I’m doing again after so long since I did a lot of historical dramas as a child actress. With Lee Seung Gi, I had a lot of conversations with him for the film, so do expect our various interactions!

The last movie is a political movie with Choi Min Sik. This movie was one I worried about the most because of its serious political tone, which is different from my previous movies. I had to try a different mood, style, and acting tone. Until now, I’m not sure if I did well for the role!

In ‘Sunny‘, you played a teenage girl living in the 1980s while in ‘Miss Granny‘, you’re an old lady who’s back in your 20-year-old body. What do you think is the most attractive thing about roles revolving around youth? 

SEK: I believe our youth is a time where someone can actually still dream. Not that an old person is unable to try something new, but being young gives you more opportunities and time to make mistakes. I want to enjoy my youth the most and also experience more things—I believe they can all be my foundation for acting.

Dinoseoul would once again like to thank tvN Asia for the media invitation. Don’t forget to check out more pictures from our media interview on our Facebook page here.

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