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YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: A power-packed extravaganza in Singapore

YG Family fans in Singapore should thank their lucky stars when our sunny shores was announced as the only Southeast Asia stop for the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power. Whilst the members have performed here separately on multiple occasions, the collective show put up during the two-day tour on September 13 and 14 was definitely a long time coming. 3.5 hours of superb live music, pumping adrenaline levels and spectacular showmanship courtesy of PSYBIGBANG, 2NE1Epik High and WINNER were the recipe for possibly being one of the best K-pop concerts ever displayed here.

Two of our writers, Michelle (deejaymich) and Stefanie (myownmonsters), were part of the crowd on Day 2 of the concert to experience the exhilaration that undoubtedly engulfed the Singapore Indoor Stadium.



myownmonsters: You know what they say – ladies first. They were tasked with the opening of the concert which is no easy feat sometimes, but I gotta give it to these girls for the electrifying atmosphere created as soon as ‘Crush’ came on and resounded around the stadium. The confidence and charisma they oozed multiplied tenfold since I watched them perform at their 2NE1 New Evolution Global World Tour two years ago, so it was a heartening moment for me to witness their maturity as a group.

Speaking of maturity, whatever happened to our youthful maknae? Minzy was practically on fire (pun intended) demonstrating her sick moves throughout the night! She’s definitely all grown up now, don’t you think so?

deejaymich: Hah! Minzy sure has become pretty wild from when I last saw her. I mean, I wasn’t expecting her to ditch her top just two songs into the concert. I guess ‘Fire’ was too hot for her too. Her confidence was overflowing though – and outshined the rest of the members even though she wasn’t in any other special stages. That said, the rest of the girls did really well too, and Dara‘s vocals are also steadily improving.

Epik High


deejaymich: Epik High had hands down, the best banter of the night. Coupled with his fluent English, Tablo’s wit certainly won me over. The same could also be said for their awesome performances – their experience as one of the longest lasting acts in YG clearly showed. When it came to audience interaction, they definitely didn’t hold back. They were the only act of the night to go around high-fiving fans seated at the side of the stage, even going off-stage to get up-close and personal with lucky fans in the standing area. Epik High was for me one of the most anticipated of the night, simply because I’ve never seen them perform before, and they sure didn’t disappoint! Also, DJ Tukutz has some mad dance skills.

myownmonsters: I couldn’t agree more. It was amusing watching Tablo introduce his members, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, and also taking a phone call during the encore stage once again – could it be Haru on the line? Despite not being familiar with most of the songs they performed (except for ‘Don’t Hate Me’ and ‘Up’), Epik High’s drive on stage was testimony to the dedication they have to their craft, and that’s something very commendable. Furthermore, with this being their first visit to Singapore, I think the spontaneity they possessed certainly left a notable impression on the audience.



deejaymich: Judging from the number of blue light sticks in the crowd, it’s safe to say that WINNER already has a pretty solid fanbase in Singapore. I was looking forward to watching them but was a little skeptical – Jinwoo and Taehyun‘s falsettos in ‘Empty’ tend to be a little shaky. However, they put on a great performance and I was especially awed at leader Seungyoon‘s consistency and his energy – boy was running everywhere!

myownmonsters: They were pretty sturdy for a rookie group who has barely reached a month since their debut, weren’t they? Admittedly they were still lacking in terms of commanding stage presence but with such big shoes to fill, and what more on an international level already, the boys must have been shaking. But as you’ve mentioned, I thoroughly enjoyed their set albeit being left a little disappointed to not have seen them perform more songs from their debut album.



myownmonsters: It’s always a joy watching these boys do what they do best on stage, and that night was no exception. Although it was utterly unfortunate that Seungri had to give this stop of the tour a miss due to his accident, the four members still held their own to make up for his absence. The inclusion of both their recent and older classics was a trip down memory lane for me, and that put me in good spirits – particularly how they started off with the orchestra version of ‘Haru Haru’, which reminded me of Big Show 2009. But if there’s one thing ominously missing that night, it was unquestionably the maknae’s adorable English.

deejaymich: I’ve seen them a few times too, and they never disappoint every single time. I especially loved the arrangement of ‘Lies’ – the orchestral plus music box arrangement made the song even more beautiful than it already was. And I know what you mean about Seungri – it definitely felt different without the mood-maker, but I could tell that Daesung was trying to make up for it because he was especially crazy. On the contrary, leader G-Dragon was one of the most quiet and low-key that night, and I didn’t really feel his presence despite him having a solo stage. Hmm…



deejaymich: What can I say? PSY was a-ma-zing. I don’t listen to his songs as much as I do with the rest of the artistes, but his set was my favourite of the night. I had the pleasure of watching him perform back in 2012 at Get PSYched at Sands. He was still very much the entertainer (pun intended) as he was two years ago – how he managed to get the whole stadium on their feet to jump and shout along to ‘Champion’, and how he managed to make the audience laugh with his candidness and wit. It also got pretty emotional during ‘Father’, a song which resonated well with everyone – especially since the graphics were accompanied by English translations of the lyrics. Even as he moved on to ‘It’s Art’, I was still really touched because what I saw was a humble man who has spent 14 years of his life doing what he loves and making people happy, truly embodying the word, ‘passion’.

myownmonsters: I remember the praises you sung of this man two years ago, so it was really an honour for me to have watched him take the stage for the first time. And guess what, I was sold! It was pretty much a roller coaster ride during PSY’s set, what with his non-stop encouragement to get the crowd jumping and then getting sentimental with ‘Father’ and ‘It’s Art’ before ending with the two songs he jokingly claimed everyone only knew yet he’s perfectly okay with it, ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Gangnam Style’. But what garnered the most respect from me were his exceptionally moving and inspirational speeches and audience interaction. I felt that I left the concert venue with an unforgettable lesson learnt – and that was how we should slow down, take things one step at a time and never stop cherishing what we’re blessed with in our lives. PSY was indeed phenomenal.

Solos, collaborations and special stages


myownmonsters: Joint concerts are always about the collaborations and special stages, aren’t they? Tons of fancams were already circulating around the Internet since the tour kicked off in Osaka in April and this one of BIGBANG’s hilarious and overly-sensual version of 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’ piqued my interest the most, so needless to say, I was very much looking forward to seeing that. The boys did seem to have held back a little this time, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on the screams that resounded through the venue.

Another favourite of mine was G-Dragon and CL’s ‘The Baddest (Fe)Male’ and ‘M.T.B.D’. He did a ‘bad boy’ rendition of 2NE1 leader’s first solo release before she proceeded to blow the fans away with the latter. I absolutely adore ‘M.T.B.D’ and I believe it’s a much stronger embodiment of CL’s girl power than ‘The Baddest Female’. She was out of this world!

deejaymich: Special stages either turn out great or disastrous, and in this case, it was definitely the former. We also had performances like ‘Up’ by Epik High and Park Bom, and ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ by Tablo and Taeyang which were already collabs to begin with (though I’d have loved to see Taeyang sing the song solo with just a single spotlight, and the two to perform ‘Tomorrow’ instead). Also, who can forget about Dara showing her sweet and hilariously cute sides during ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Doom Dada’ respectively?

However, the one thing that I really love and admire about YG’s joint stages is the repurposing and rearrangement of songs by their own artistes. These versions always sound different enough to be fresh, yet not over-the-top. A great example is the rock cover of 2NE1’s ‘Ugly’ by resident rockers Daesung and Seungyoon – the pop rock piece was transformed into a full-out rock track and the duo really pulled it off, especially the BIGBANG member who sang with all his soul and sincerity.


Final thoughts

deejaymich: Both of us also had the privilege to attend another family concert in 2012 (go figure) and at that time I proclaimed that that was the best concert I’ve ever attended. Well, let’s just say I have changed my mind. It’s hard to compare, but from a person who is mad about live music, YG concerts always give me the best experiences, what more with their incredible session band, The Band Six. And after this concert, that thought has been reaffirmed, and every K-pop fan should go for at least one YG Family concert in their lifetime.

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